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Why do women keep on going back to nail salons where the technicians are uneducated?

Why do women go to salons where technicians hurt your nails. Why do women sacrifice the price verse the quality..

Why dont women who get there nails done want to ask questions about sanitation and get themselfs educated nails is part of your body. You can get AIDS if a salon isn't clean...

Why do women not realize that some salons are not safe?

Adhesion is not everything especially if they are using an illegal chemical (MMA) . which eventually deteriates your nail bed.

Why dont they complain to the state board every state has a website you just search for it online and file a complaint. Which no one doesWhy do women keep on going back to nail salons where the technicians are uneducated?
So they look good for a low price.Why do women keep on going back to nail salons where the technicians are uneducated?
it's normal to go every once in a while on special occasion, why do people drive when there's a chance they're gonna crash?
Because people dont care about the safety. They just think about the price...and usualy its cheap when you go to a tech school/college etc.

I personally want someone who knows that their doing....and sanitize their items.
For your information most women do ask questions about the tools that they use. I know I do.
I guess some women don't want to take the time to research something that could impact their health, or don't know how to do this research, or are just trusting in their luck and immune systems to protect them. This would be the same reason that people still use tanning beds, even though it increases their chances of getting skin cancer.

How to apply uv gel false nails properly with out going to a technician. i have all the right gear?


1. Get out one gold gel form.

2. Cut the back of form with your straight scissors - at the other end fold at #7 on the form and pinch together at the very tip.

3. With your index finger and thumb, squeeze the form and gently slide it up under the real nail. When the form is in place make sure to squeeze the sides of the gold form together so it sticks to the finger.


4. Now it is time for the Base Gel. To apply Angel Love Nail Extension, hold the nail at a downward angle. Starting in the center of the nail just below the cuticle, place a small drop of Base Gel keeping the bottle at an angle.

5. Run a narrow line of Base Gel down center of the nail to the length of the form you desire. Go across at the number length you desire. Go across the end and up both sides of the nail making sure there is a nice even coat of gel covering the entire nail.

6. Turn nail upside down, check all 5 angles of the nail.

7. If your nail and extension pass inspection, quickly put in front of UV lamp. If there is no heat within 10 seconds with lamp in up position, then set nails in lamp.

8. Lower lamp half way down if no heat within 10 seconds. Then, close lamp down for another 1-2 minutes.

9. Take extension form off gently. If not fully cured under extension, 0put back in lamp with nail upside down. Cure for additional 1 minute. Take out.


10. Now, with your file, gently shape the top of your new nail, making sure it is smooth.

11. Remember when you have a good base, the final product will look much better.

12. Use your nailbrush to clean off around the cuticle and the nail. Use your dome duster to dust off hands and clean your area free from nail dust.

13. Now you are ready to apply color tips, white tips, glitter tips. Let your imagination go!


1. Put a small line of BUILDER FINISH down the center of the nail. Use your gel brush to brush a Flow Coat over the entire nail.

2. Holding the nail at a downward angle, put a line down the center of the nail so that layer #1 is even with the bulk of your product in layer #2.

3. Now, turn the nail upside down so you can see where the builder settles. Using the corner of the gel brush, pull the gel from the high spots into the low spots to equalize the gel. Make sure you have a nice arch from the cuticle to the end of the nail and then from side to side (this is called the C-Curve).

4. Lower lamp halfway down if no heat in 10 seconds. Close the lamp down to lowest height and cure for two minutes.


1. Use your electric nail file and toothpick bit to clean under the nail.

2. Use the file in the filesaver to finish shaping the nail.

3. Dust off with nailbrush.

4. Apply cuticle oil.

5. Apply hydrating massage cream.How to apply uv gel false nails properly with out going to a technician. i have all the right gear?
ask a nail tech... take a class.

Does Anyone Know Of Any Nail Technicians In Glasgow That Do Leopard Print Extensions Or Even Coloured Tips?

So I Get Paid On Friday And I'm Desperate To Get My Nails Done As Its Been A While Since Ive Had The Money For It .. I Want Something Different Than The Usual White Tipped Extensions And Was Hoping To Find Somewhere That Would Do Leopard Print But If Not Then Even Coloured Tips - Quite Fancy Blue =) .. So Yeah If Anyone Knows Of Anywhere Please Let Me Know .. Preferably In The City Centre Of Glasgow .. As I Stay In Clydebank And Dont Really Want To Travel Far Out .. Thanks - Stacee xDoes Anyone Know Of Any Nail Technicians In Glasgow That Do Leopard Print Extensions Or Even Coloured Tips?
No but you can buy the clip in ones yourself on ebay. It's really simple. Then you can make it artsy fartsy to match you!

Gel Nails vs Acrylic, HELP! Any recommendations for nail technicians near SW17?

I'm really confused!! I got my nails done for the very first time at Christmas. I asked for gel but I'm not sure that's what I got after reading up about them. It was applied as a powder %26amp; liquid but I did then have to put my hands under a uv light to finish it off, but all in all it only took about 1/2 hour. How can I find a qualified nail technician near SW17 to go to as I want to get them taken off, would they be able to tell the difference of what is on my nails? Any help would be greatly appreciated!Gel Nails vs Acrylic, HELP! Any recommendations for nail technicians near SW17?
If you asked for gel nails, and got charged for gel nails, then they got the best of you - and your money if the gel nails were more costly than acrylic nails. Its unfortunate but this happens a lot to unsuspecting women who want gel nails, but end up just getting acrylic nails with a UV gel topcoat. It's not your fault though. You now know what to look for, I assume. I'll just give you a a few pointers about gel nails, and what to look for when getting them.

First of all, about the appearance of nail gels. As you probably could already figure out yourself, UV gel has the look and consistency of a hair gel. It comes in a wide variety of colors, and there are various viscosities of gel which are used for different areas of the nail - but that last part isn't something that you need to be concerned about. Here is what top quality UV gels look like:


UV gels are never a powder. If the tech uses ANY liquid and powder, you are getting acrylic nails, not gel nails.

The rule of thumb for gel nail application is that they are easy to do, but difficult to master. You would be best off by going to a tech who has a good deal of experience doing UV gel nails, and is highly skilled at it.

BTW, a highly skilled tech will usually take about an hour and a half to apply a full set of UV gel nails. A tech who takes a half hour to do either UV gels, or acrylics is skipping steps and taking many shortcuts to do it in such a short time. Avoid this type of tech, and salons who have these tachs working for them. They are notorious for ruining your nails, and usually do a poor quality job on your nails.

The gels are applied in several thin layers which need to be individually cured under a UV lamp for about two minutes each layer. The final layer is usually either a UV gel topcoat, or a UV gel sealer which is also cured for about two minutes. Either one will provide a high gloss finish on your nails which will last for a week or two at least. Don't file or buff UV gel nails because that will ruin the shine of the gels, and if you file the tips, it will destroy the 'seal' that the gel has formed between your natural nails, and the gel itself. This could lead to seperation of the gel from the nailplate, and that is not what you want!

UV gels are non-porous. What this means in terms of removal is that they cannot be soaked off the same way that acrylics can be because the acetone will not penetrate the surface of the gel. UV gels nails must be filed off by a tech who is highly skilled, and has removed UV gels quite a bit already. Going to an unskilled tech could easily turn out to be a disaster for your nails because it it difficult to tell exactly where the gel ends, and your natural nails begin. Only a very experienced tech can do this without ruining your nails. Don't ever let a tech pry them off, tear them off, or force them off in any way. This will cause you not only a lot of unnecessary pain or discomfort, but it WILL also damage your nails- sometimes severely.

I'm sorry, but I do not know where SW17 is. But, I can give you a link to a site which has a salon locator. This page is on Creative Nail Design's website. CND is a leading provider of professional acrylic and gel products, and has been in business longer than any other nail company in existence. ALL of the techs/salons on this page have been company trained, and company certified PRIOR to their being placed on this list so you can rest assured that you will be in the hands of a well qualified technician. BTW, I have nothing to gain, nor will I profit in any way by posting this link. I am doing so strictly for informational purposes only. I am not affiliated with the company in any way other than the fact that I have been trained, and certified by them as a Master Technician:


Best of luck to you. I hope this helps!Gel Nails vs Acrylic, HELP! Any recommendations for nail technicians near SW17?
Dear RachelN,

Please do a little research about Gel Nail before you write a comment! This link may help you! And they have the trade name for powder gel!


good luck Rachel!

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Gel nails look more natural, but cost a little more. i get acrylic and go back every 2-3 wks for a fill-in. try 2 designs on each hand and the other three half polish.u can go to any nail salon to get gel taken off.
What you go was gel wherever you got them done then just go back there to get them taken off the take it off for only around a tenner I don't know nail salons around sw17 but there are amazing ones all around golders green but that is nw xxx acrylics is when they put fake nails on and then the gel on top that is really bad for nails I got it done and then I took it off myself its painful and completely ruins your nails it takes off layers of your nails and make the nails look crapppppppp so do gel same effect but just doesnt make ur nails long x hope this helps if you really need nail salons round sw17 search it on yahooo x

Nail technicians out there?

How long does a nail tech course last?in months? Is it very complicated? (I want to do a course but I live in Switzrland and will have to do it in German.) Is there a possibility that one can do it online....??is it worth it?intresting? do you get bored of doing other peoples nails?Im intrested in doing the Bio sculpture course ..any good?Thanks

xxxNail technicians out there?
Here in the usa you need to go by hours, each state has a set amount you must complete then take a state board to be licensed! I have 2 licenses in 2 states there is no $$$$$in it!

try Arbonne internationl tonsof $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$here!! it is new to your country but has been here for 25 years and is phenonomal!www.antiagingskin.myarbonne.c鈥?m
  • makeup
  • gas mask
  • Nail technicians Help me please?

    Ok so ive decided that i want to be a nail technician, and what to find a course suitable for me, i have a two year old son so classroom courses arent really an option.

    I have looked at a website called www.essentialnails.com its a home study course and they offer different courses, its roughly around 拢500 to do a gel nail and maintance course, then 拢200 for the nail art course and 拢300 to do the airbrush course aswell, it will be about 拢1000 in total to do. (plus i get a free spray tan kit worth 拢120) Do you think this is quite dear?

    I can do gel nails perfect i have been doing them since i was 15 (im 20 now) but i actually want a certificate so i can work in a salon, or start a mobile business.

    Is there any other sites that is a bit cheaper?Nail technicians Help me please?
    Your not going to be able to do courses online. They won't be recongized by the state board(Which you need to go through to get your license.). It's a hands on experiance, and you need certain amount of class time hours, and requirements. Besides, You have to take the entire Nail Tech course for so many hours(Depends on your state.), Not just one different course.Nail technicians Help me please?
    You can get it in college, just loking the best college for you1...

    Nail technicians ??

    i have been having pink%26amp;white or acrylic tips for about a year, i used to have them b4 but the past year i have them constantly, off and new set put str8 on every 2 weeks. i just hate having short nails and no patience to grow my own.. anyway i was just wondering now if i took them off how damaged are my real nails?? i tried asking the salon i get them done but they dont really speak englishNail technicians ??
    Unfortunately, acrylic nail tips, although very attractive, do no favours for your real nails underneath.

    I would guess that your real nails, after having acrylics applied on top of them for about a year, will be considerably worse for wear. However, all is not lost! You just need the patience to nurse them back to health and to cope with them being short for 6 months or so.

    If you're going to go back to your real nails, you will need to have them manicured regularly and give them lots of TLC yourself too!

    Hope this helps.